concept7 is back on the scene with album two: broken elegance. Featuring twelve brand new tracks with a more evolved and mature sound, intellectually stimulating, and fun to sing along with, broken elegance resonates with the mind and refreshes the heart and soul.

This album has been in the works for almost a decade; eight tracks were originally produced and recorded in the Summer of 2006. Things having gotten hectic for the crew between getting married, fathering children, other personal projects, a member of the crew moving to Europe and church ministry. Needless to say, releasing the album had been put on hold. However, during this time the main studio computer containing all of these projects crashed. And the back up? Well, it had been burned in the Bastrop fires of 2011. Mista Min had luckily made a third partial back-up while working on the album with DJ Drooh before the fires had occurred.

Having only a partial back up of about 4 tracks, Mista Min and produKt began working on a plan to release the music. One week in 2012, produKt while searching for any files that could aid the second album's completion had come across an unlabeled hard drive. What he had found was a gold mine: all of the original recordings, minus a few beats and verses! In a matter of hours Mista Min had received all the material and started re-sequencing, producing, and mixing the music. The album had been saved!

Two years since our great find, we have decided to give this material away. So please download it, bang it, enjoy it, and tell your friends about it. Oh, and like us on Facebook

PS - There are eight other tracks that had been originally produced around the same time (2006). With the addition of a few more tracks album three is on the not-so-distant horizon.